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Jeans share the same soul and attitude found in the rock’n’roll scene — they’re both part of the same culture. We’re not looking for fly-by-night fads; our inspiration is found far from the world of glamour and catwalks. We offer a way of thinking, a concept, and an undying passion, fuelled by the traditions of denim and the characteristics of the fabric itself.

Our Internet Accountability service is designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your Internet activity and sending a Report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices.

The matcha tea and chamomile work together to reduce inflammation and fight any harsh free radicals caused from the wind.

Unwind and indulge in this organic face mask after a long day.

Students are encouraged to start things over and often. If we are honest, we know that a failure for women of color in most cases will not be looked at as a growth experience, an example of a solid risk taker, or as a method towards iteration.

To the contrary, women of color who are "quick to fail" are often classified as simply "failures" and after having the label of failure affixed to women of color it becomes extraordinarily difficult - if not impossible - to shake the label or to get a second chance at a future opportunity After reading the quote above, the words felt like a mirror was stuck in my face and I was completely exposed.

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Success is cultivating relationships in the beauty industry and getting some of the best brands to take a chance on your business idea.We all know how harsh winds can strip our hair of moisture and cause breakage in cooler months.

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He was also insistent from the get-go of “Dating” and “Newlywed” that the shows feature black couples alongside whites.… continue reading »

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The mount target lifecycle state is stuck in the creating or deleting state. A file system mount on an Amazon EC2 instance on Microsoft Windows fails.… continue reading »

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